About us

Medicare and health fund rebates

Our vision

“To empower every person in the community to improve their health and quality of life via their lifestyle”

Our community

New Edge Performance also aims to support the local community with the following goals:

  • To be proactive in helping and supporting each person to achieve their goals.

  • Helping with community health programs or events.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

New Edge Performance believes that we offer the best possible service in the area and back these beliefs with our guarantees. New Edge Performance believes we are best placed to help you achieve your goals.

Our satisfaction guarantee:

  • New Edge Performance guarantees that after 4 consultations over a minimum 12-month period you will be satisfied.

  • New Edge Performance feels that it is difficult to get results after 1-2 sessions. Your doctor may allocate 1-3 sessions via Medicare, but to give you the best chance of improving your health we feel you should be seeing an AEP at least 4 times over a 12-month period. That’s why we guarantee satisfaction after 4 sessions. This may mean that some sessions may not attract a Medicare rebate. Health fund rebates may be applicable for the extra sessions.

Individual consultation guarantees:

  • All of our individual consultations are one on one focussing on you and your goals.

  • New Edge Performance will not leave you on machines and consult other patients during your appointment as you deserve better service and attention.

  • New Edge Performance will only deliver specialised clinical exercise advise and health modification counselling, no machine therapy.

  • Our treatment plans are individualised to suit your current situation.

Group consultation guarantees:

  • Our group education sessions have limited numbers allowing you better attention and access to our allied health practitioners.

  • Our group education sessions deliver the latest up to date information.

  • Our group exercise maintenance sessions have a safety first focus.