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Appointment Policies


Appointment Expectations:

To make sure you get the most out of seeing us we want to make sure the following is observed:

  • The exercise pre-screening form needs to be filled out and brought with you for your initial consultation.

  • Any referral paperwork also needs to be brought with you or left at the location/facility.

  • It is best to dress comfortably in case you need to try some of the prescribed exercises.

  • Your phone should be turned off or on silent (no vibration) so your session is not interrupted.

  • No calls should be taken during a consultation unless they are very important.

Exercise program

Bulk billing, Medicare and Health fund rebates

  • Bulk billing is only available with the appropriate referral form and is not available at all locations, please check with the location when making your appointment.

  • If we choose to bulk bill your session and it is rejected due to maximum number of sessions used, then you will be invoiced the full consultation fee of $70. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have not used more than 5 Medicare rebated allied health sessions in the calendar year.

  • Health fund rebates may apply to individual and group Exercise Physiology sessions. It’s best to check with your health fund directly as all health funds are different.

Cancellation policy:

  • Appointments will be confirmed the working day before your appointment. This may be in the form of a text (SMS) message or phone call.

  • If you need to cancel your appointment, it should be done with as much notice as possible to allow someone else can take that appointment slot.

  • All cancellations after the reminder/confirmation or failure to arrive will be charged the full consultation fee.

  • All rescheduled appointments after the reminder/confirmation will be charged a half consultation fee.

  • No cancellations will be accepted via SMS/text message.

  • It is your responsibility to remember your appointment.

  • We understand that some circumstances may prevent you from attending your appointment and these will be taken into consideration.

Runner doing shoelace

Duration of appointments

  • Most appointments last for approximately 30 minutes. This time allows us to focus on one major problem or two minor problems.

  • If you have a more complex medical history you may want to consider an extended appointment (60 minutes, no bulk billing allowed for this session).

  • If you are late attending your appointment you may not get the full time allocated.

Walking exercise program
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