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Back pain

Exercise program for lower back pain

Successful recovery of function following lower back pain involves a range of parameters including restoration of muscle control as well as a gradual return to normal patterns of movement. When you have back pain the last thing you are probably thinking about is moving and it might feel good to lay down and rest. This form of treatment though is probably doing you more damage rather than good. When you rest your muscles they become stiff and weak. Then when you go to do everyday things such as housework or gardening you place you back under a lot of pressure causing you more pain and inflammation.

New Edge Performance feels the best thing to do when you have back pain is to move and exercise. This is best to done gradually and with the support of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who will make sure you are doing the right exercise. Doing the wrong exercise can place you at greater risk of doing more damage. Weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight is also very benefical for back pain and an Accredited Exercise Physiologist can also help with this.

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