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​What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition where bone tissue has been lost and weakened so the bones are more likely to fracture. The spine, hip and wrist are the most common fracture sites but any bone can be affected.  Osteoporosis will affect around two in every three women and one in six men over the age of 60.

How does exercise help?

  • In children and inactive adults with low bone mass, adding regular exercise improves bone

  • In normally active adults, exercise helps to prevent typical age-related loss of bone

  • Exercise can improve the shape and quality of bones in ways that make them stronger

  • Exercise increases muscle strength and improves balance, which reduce the risk of falling

People with osteoporosis should speak to their GP or an Accredited Exercise Physiologist before taking up exercise.


Exercis program for bone density
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