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Frequently asked Questions

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What do I need to do to start the Still Standing Program?

Before starting the classes, you need to complete an assessment. Please contact us for an appointment to complete your assessment. For the assessment, please bring with you a health summary, care plan or GP referral which outlines your health history to get a better understanding of your health needs. This program is funded and as part of the funding arrangement we need to assess your balance, strength and mobility before and after the program. It is also beneficial to see your improvement as well.

How long do the classes take?

The exercise part of the exercise classes takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. There may be the re-introduction of tea and coffee after the class, which is currently suspended due to COVID.

What if I miss a session or more?

Everyone can attend 12 sessions over a maximum 16-week period. If you need to miss a class due to reasons such as being unwell or attending an appointment you can make up the sessions missed, as long as they are within 16 weeks of starting.

What if I need help with transportation?

We may be able to provide you with transportation to and from the classes if there are no transportation options for you. That means there is no My Aged Care transport available for you, you are unable to use public transport (reasons why must be given) and you are unable to drive. If you meet this criteria, we may be able to arrange transport for you (budget depending).

How many times are you allowed to complete the Still Standing Program (free sessions)?

Everyone is allowed to do the free Still Standing Program once every 2 years. This is to allow others to participate in the program. If you are still falling over on a regular basis, you may be able complete the program again with a referral from your GP.

What happens after completion of the Still Standing Program?

Once you have finished the 12 free sessions, we would like you to complete the final assessment to measure your progress. After this is completed, you are invited to continue to attend the Still Standing maintenance program. Basically, these exercise classes are like the Still Standing Program classes that have just been completed, where we continue to do light exercise to strength your legs, improve your balance, functionality and mobility. We feel this is a great way to maintain the results you have achieved already and will allow you to continue to improve. The costs for the maintenance program are as follows: 12 sessions for $144 – $12 per session – 16-week expiry 8 sessions for $104 – $13 per session –11-week expiry 4 sessions for $56 – $14 per session – 6-week expiry Casual session for $15 per session

What happens if I don’t complete the exercises at home?

Ideally, to maximise the benefits of the exercises, you should complete the exercises at home with the instructions given to you at your initial assessment. If you only do the exercises in the classes, you should still achieve some benefit if you put the effort into it.

This service has been made possible by funding from Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WSPHN). WSPHN is operated by WentWest.

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