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What can an Accredited Exercise Physiologist do for you and where can you see one?

What can an AEP do for you?

AEPs will utilise their skills in exercise prescription, combined with their training in behaviour change, to empower clients and assist them to manage their health independently.  Their skills are particularly well received by clients who are looking change their lifestyle and/or to age well and age independently.



Where can you see an AEP?

Our AEPs operate within medical practices and gyms in the local area. Most of the time you will see one of our AEPs in a medical centre where we will discuss with you and develop a plan for you to self-manage your program at home or in a gym. Our AEP’s may see you regularly if it is more of a rehabilitation service that is needed. Our AEP’s are also available for regular supervised sessions if you are not confident with exercising or you may feel you need more help. Please feel free to discuss your needs with one of our AEP’s if you need to see them outside of the medical practice.

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